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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A new start?

Back from holiday, with this postcard. 
I'll try again ...

One way of signing in that works
This is how I got started on Blogger.
  1. At the top right of the screen, click Create Blog
  2. Follow the instructions, which I found pretty clear. This will give you a Google account, which makes signing in quite easy. You don't have to use your blog. I left mine alone until I though of using it for ex-Word-of-Mouth.
  3. In future, always check the top right hand corner. If it shows Sign in then you need to click it if you want to post a comment.
  4. Once signed in, never navigate backwards.
  5. I started on Blogger to follow other language blogs:

 I can recommend all three. The John Wells blog can be technical (sometimes very technical) but quite often it's very accessible. David Crystal is excellent value, but he doesn't post all that often. Lynne Murphy ('Lynnequist Lynneguist') starts thread on differences between British and American usage and lots of people feel confident enough to post.


    1. Thanks for recommending my blog! Can I just be a bit of a pain and point out that my handle is spelt with a 'g' not a 'q'? (A freguent mistake.) The 'q' makes me look Swedish (not a bad thing) rather than punny.

    2. Lynne

      Duly noted and changed. It was either a typo or a momentary aberration. The pun hadn't escaped me.

      I'm very gratified that you've found you way here. It's an attempt — apparently a failed attempt — to replicate some features of the old BBC Word of Mouth Message Board. The archive is still available with some gems among the nonsense. A slightly more successful attempt at revival goes on here.