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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Time, ladies and gentleman please?

It looks as if time has been called in the zetaboards 
Word of Mouth saloon — and, indeed, all the other HyperTV drinking holes. We can't even access old postings, the way we can with the old original BBC WoM Board.

If you are a regular old drinker reading this, please consider transferring your custom. It really could be the Last Chance Saloon. 

I'll make you as welcome as I possibly can, although I know the blogger environment is not so friendly or accommodating. Please believe me that it doesn't always go wrong. There are frequent exasperating problems, but they do get fixed. There is a constant problem for new users learning how to post comments. Please believe me that it gets easier as you get used to it.

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  1. 'sokay, David. I never frequented that low dive anyway. Some rough types used to hang out there.

  2. I'm not a rough type, Brian! I couldn't understand what had happened to the zetaboards and didn't have anyone's email addresses to ask. Mistake on my part - I should have taken note of someones.

    Let's see if this will post. It looks very similar to my son's blog.


  3. As yes, as long as I come in via mozilla and not internet explorer. Good.

  4. I don't even have to sign in. I have taken a while, David, because last time I tried something went wrong with my son's blog and we couldn't access it. I didn't think the two things were connected but it made me a bit wary. (That corrected itself when we downloaded firefox mozilla - don't understand why.)

    There was no warning that the zetaboards were going to close. There wasn't much action of the word of mouth part but I had got to enjoy the mornington crescent stuff. Never mind.

    I'm not sure I know how to start a discussion here - will just have to follow your instructions.


  5. Caro, there are two ways:

    1. Post a comment that includes the text (or summary) of what you want as the start of a thread.

    2. Become a 'follower' and send me the text (or summary) by email.

  6. Caro, there's now a third way: become an author — see my posting Author! Author!.

  7. The zetaboards haven't closed; they suffered a technical problem and are now back.

  8. Thanks, Reg. I'll retrieve my bookmark.